Professional and corporate videos for companies

We work in Valladolid, Madrid and other cities in Castilla León

At Idolatry Studio we make all kinds of videos for companies and brands. We record, edit and post-produce the professional video you need.


Corporate videos

Corporate videos have a fundamental role: to make a company known and show its philosophy and values. They are a perfect cover letter for any business as long as they are attractive, clear and direct.

One of the main reasons a business chooses to use corporate videos is to drive higher traffic and better brand awareness. However, it is not an easy task, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience which our team of professionals, with a wide trajectory producing audiovisual material, is able to share with you.


Advertising videos

Advertising videos are a perfect marketing tool to promote products or services through different advertising campaigns, either on social networks or on television. With them you can create the need to buy, and brand awareness.

Having an advertising video for a campaign is much more experiential than any other communication format. With it, it is possible to involve the viewer and awaken in the target sensations and emotions that will involve potential clients with your brand´s values and accelerate the purchase decision process.


Videos for events

We cover events, congresses, press conferences, talks and conferences. Our videos are attractive and convey the message in the most effective way to get the target your brand would like to achieve.

Do you need to interview someone? You can also ask us. We make sure a quality result with which you will achieve the visibility you need.


VExplanatory videos / tutorials

A video is worth a thousand words! With the explanatory videos you can teach the operation of your product, app or service, in a fast, simple and effective way. Forget about tedious manuals in book format and modernize your business with explanatory videos.

Remember that the sooner your potential customers can understand how your product or service is used, the greater the chances of purchase.


How we work?

Our work is completely fit to the client´s needs. Each company is different, and has its own demands. Therefore, we adapt to them. Our goal is to enhance those ideas and fill them with life in a video or photograph.

We are able to carry out an elaborated and detailed work, that we will show to our client when we already have a professional video as a result, or, on the contrary, we can work hand in hand.

Think no more! The time has come to make the leap to video marketing and take your business to another level.

Videos for companies in Valladolid, Madrid, and all of Castilla y León.

fotograma de un tren en un video profesional
retrato profesional para moda de una chica
fotograma del mar en un video profesional