Postproduction, editing and solutions to your needs

At Idolatry Studio we are always ready for post-production. This covers the entire production process: from video, sound and visual effects editing, to the selection of the best material that has previously been obtained. It is the process that qualifies all the effort spent during the long production process.

We know that all these actions are very important for the final result, and therefore we offer solutions for each of the parts that post-production includes:

  • We review the material and select the best
  • We note the timestamps of the material
  • We do a preliminary edit
  • We review and edit the dialogues
  • We prepare all the necessary elements for the sound mix, and its production

If you need production and editing professionals, give us a call!

Professional video editing

We carry it out following the most demanded trends, that is, we focus on what the public wants to consume. How many times have you seen a movie that caught your attention at first glance, but was so slow that you ended up falling asleep? Most likely it was a failure in the rhythm of the story. And, as experts in the field, we have good eyes and a lot of experience to detect this type of faults.


By creating visual effects (VFX)

We can give a special touch to your videos. Our imagination has no limits, we let ourselves be carried away by originality and creativity to achieve modern and attractive visual effects.

We have a great team of qualified professionals in the different aspects of the matter. However, the secret to good post production is all about creativity. It is essential to have creative people capable of proposing revolutionary ideas. Our team is the best at it!

They will not miss any little detail. They will turn all the work and effort behind it into a great masterpiece.


Idolatry Studio offers you the best video and sound editing solutions, voice over and special effects in Valladolid.