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Fashion, product and fine art photography

Fashion photography is art

It is inspiration, it is current affairs, it is history. It was born at the beginning of the last century when the most important brands of the time saw the influence that photographs had in advertising to encourage consumption. And to this day, it is still the same.

Fashion photography must convey much more than just a message. You have to transmit emotions and sensations through the scenography, lighting, post-production, but also through the model, his or her styling, make-up and hairdressing. This is the only way to make the public connect with the image and achieve the brand’s objective: to sell.


There are several types of fashion photography:

  • Product photography:

Photographic productions focused on the products that a brand sells and where it is about highlighting its competitive advantages. It is usually done on a white background to eliminate as much noise as possible from the image. Its objective is to focus all the attention of consumers on a single element: the product. To achieve this, the photo shows as much information as possible such as size, color, texture and accessories.

The professionals at Idolatry Studio take lighting into account when taking a product photograph, and most of the time they opt for natural light. In addition, the position of the camera in front of the product is also one of the most important aspects. Different angles must be tried to discover the possible results.

The most important thing is to know how to take advantage of the photographs, and to be consistent between the image and what you want to convey about the brand.

  • Editorial photography:

Surely, when you think of editorial photography, images that appear in magazines come to mind. You are not wrong! This type of photography includes photographic productions for fashion magazines and catalogs.

But it is not only that … Through the image we seek at all times to present trends, garments or fashion accessories. The dynamics of the work will depend on the photographer, so their way of working and experimenting is key.

At Idolatry Studio, the team of photographers takes this very seriously. They know first-hand that an editorial photo shoot is not just about finding the perfect model for it, or a good team of makeup artists and stylists. It is discovering, playing with clothes, colors, angles, lighting … It is having imagination.

If you need to take quality fashion photographs, please contact us. We will help you define the creative strategy and take care of the entire production process.

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