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Audiovisual production and communication studio

Why audiovisual production is important

Today video is the key to success in the online world:

  • 82% users watch videos on a regularly
  • 69% internet traffic is generated by videos
  • 59% users prefer to watch a video than read content

These data only confirm that any company must have an audiovisual strategy to achieve greater reach and visibility.

If you are looking for a reliable audiovisual production company in Valladolid or Madrid, you have come to the right place.

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With more than 15 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, at Idolatry Studio we have all the technical and human resources necessary to develop any audiovisual project.

We make all kinds of videos: corporate videos, promotional videos, product videos, info-product videos, video-tutorials, event videos, videos and advertising spots, video marketing.

We take care of the full production and execution process.

Idea development

Do you want to introduce video into your marketing strategy but don’t even know where to start?

Don’t worry, tell us about your project, your needs and our team of creatives will start to turn their heads to get a business or advertising video that will surprise you.


Script development focused on optimal audiovisual communication

We create ideas and put them on paper. We develop persuasive scripts so that your video stories catch on their own.


Shooting: Lights, camera and action!

We record all the shots and sequences necessary to achieve a high quality professional video.

Professional video editing and production

It is the phase where the idea becomes video. We select and assemble each of the shots and sequences that make up the story and we give it a voice.


Post Production

Sound, effects and voila! … VIDEO FINISHED!

Desarrollo del guion enfocado a una óptima comunicación audiovisual

Le damos forma a las ideas y las plasmamos en papel. Desarrollamos guiones persuasivos para que las historias de tus vídeos enganchen por sí solas.

Rodaje: ¡Luces, cámara y acción!

Grabamos todos los planos y secuencias necesarias para conseguir un vídeo profesional de gran calidad.

Edición profesional del vídeo y producción del mismo

Es la fase donde la idea se convierte en vídeo. Seleccionamos y montamos cada uno de los planos y secuencias que forman la historia y le ponemos voz.


Sonorización, efectos y ¡voilá! …¡VÍDEO TERMINADO!

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