Advertising01 cartel publicitario para marca de zapatillas Advertising02 cartel publicitario de comida para ikea Advertising03 fotografía publicitaria para una marca de sandalias Advertising04 fotografía profesional a un jugador de futbol para un anuncio Advertising05 Advertising06 fotografía publicitaria para un spot Advertising07 fotografía publicitaria para un anuncio Advertising08 fotografía de producto para una marca de vino Advertising09 fotografía de producto para una marca hamburguesas Advertising10 Advertising11 Advertising12 Advertising13 Advertising14 fotografía publicitaria de un equipo de futbol Advertising15 fotografía de moda para una marca de lencería Advertising16 fotografía artística para una marca de vino

Photography for advertisements, advertising and brands



We are experts in advertising photography, we work in Valladolid, Madrid and all of Castilla León

Advertising photography: advertisements and brands

Through advertising photography you can publicize a brand or product. Advertising is marketing’s best friend, and without it there would be no way to promote and sell ideas. Companies need photography as a strategic ally in their advertising campaigns, since, through it, the desire to buy is generated in the final consumer.

At Idolatry Studio we cover many sectors within advertising photography: lifestyle, sports, fashion or gastronomy.


Important technical factors in advertising photography

In any advertising photography session it is very important to take care of even the smallest detail, since what the camera captures will be what is projected on our company. What really makes a big difference in a photo are the little elements, grouped together to make a big impact.

Not making good use of light or the environment, for example, can turn a successful advertising campaign into a total and absolute failure, with what this entails: bad image of our company, loss of time, loss of money … definitely, a disaster!

You should know that one of the key factors in advertising photography is psychological. How the objects and people in the image are selected and arranged can make a big difference between a mediocre photograph and a great photograph.

Light, color, angle, texture, and direction all have a psychological effect on people. Our team knows perfectly the best techniques to combine all these factors and achieve a perfect result. In addition, it is the photograph that should best reflect the spirit and personality of the brand, and therefore the one that should best fit the target.


We are experts in fashion and product photography

At Idolatry Studio we are specialists in advertising photography and we work on any subject. Our specialty is fashion photography and product photography. We know that the communication plan of each brand is different. For this reason, the photography sessions we offer are personalized for each of our clients, going through an initial meeting in which we will know their thoughts and vision, until the search for all the necessary material to carry out the session.

If you want to avoid displeasure, trust us for your next advertising photography session in Valladolid, Madrid or in the rest of Castilla y Le√≥n. We can help define the identity and values ‚Äč‚Äčof your company through professional photographs created 100% for you.
Big brands like Nike, Ikea, Pingus or Mint & Rose have already trusted us‚Ķ Now it’s your turn!

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